Thursday, July 28, 2016

Two Black Cadillac's

So I've also tried my hand at Directing a mini video. I love the song "Two Black Cadillacs"  by Carrie Underwood. So, I created a video using that song and my images.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

66 Thunderbird

So, in 66 Ford did the same thing Cadillac had been doing with the reverse lights on the Thunderbird. Using photoshop I created this Giff showing the tail lights on then the reverse lights on. If you look closely, I even adjusted the gear selector to look like it shifts into reverse.

68 Cadillac Coupe Deville Reverse lights

The 60's were a really great time to be alive and old enough to drive. Car manufacturers were making some great things. Most of which we don't have anymore.

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out where the reverse lights were on the 62 through 68 Cadillacs. I'd only ever seen them in model form which when not painted right you don't get an idea. I don't remember how I figured it out. But somehow I did. The reverse lights were built into the taillights. When the lights were on or brakes were applied, the lights would be solid red. When reverse was selected, the backup lights would light up in the lower area of the light. When lights weren't on during daylight the upper and lower section looked white, like reverse lights. Something I thought Cadillac had resurrected on the last generation (Square body) fleetwood Sedans. But no, they only gave it the illusion of this. Reverse lights were still on both sides of the license plate.

Anyway using photoshop I created this image making a Giff which shows the brake lights then the reverse lights.

66 F100 Hidden Headlights

Here's another image I created using photoshop and making a Giff out of. This was inspired by an image I saw a long time ago. I think it may have been in a "Truckin" magazine or something like that. They did a small article on a custom truck show down south I believe. Someone took a shot of the line of trucks coming up the road. One was an old Ford pickup about this same year. And they'd added the hidden headlight grill work from a 67 Thunderbird in the front. I thought the idea was soo cool and wanted to see it in action. So, I created this.

Ford LTD Hidden Headlight

I have been having some fun with making Gif images. I created this one with the headlight opening on a 78 Ford LTD Wagon. I love these old fords. And I'm a sucker for the hidden headlights.

Betty White with a 58 Plymouth

So, I found this image on line of Betty White standing next to a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible. In the image, the Plymouth is cut off along the front. So, Using photoshop, I built the rest of the front and a little more of the wall to make the picture look more complete.


This is a combination image I did. The Mercury itself came from an advertising image of this Monterey with a woman behind the wheel. I removed her and the rest of the background making my own with a shot I took of a now defunct church I shot in Boise's North End. All in all it came together well and I'm happy with the finished image. Oh, and for you pureists out there... Yes, those are Ford hubcaps on the Mercury.