Sunday, November 24, 2013

In the begining......

I am a struggling artist I guess you could say. I graduated a number of  years ago with a degree in Illustration and Photography from Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. Since then I've tried to get on with various companies both locally and world wide. These attempts have been in vain however. I'm still punching a clock in the public sector waiting for my ship to come in.

Well, it was back in College or shortly their after I came up with a name for my company. A name I wanted to use for a design company if it came to that. I had several ideas but none of them really spoke to me. None seemed to express what I had in my head until I came up with Cauldron Graphix.

The Cauldron to me symbolized the pot of ideas I called my head. What does a Cauldron do? well... it's used for making things, creating thing. At least it is as most of the world knows it.... "Double bubble boil and trouble, fire burn and Cauldron Bubble" or something like that. Anyway, to me it symbolized the pot where my ideas came from. And then the Graphix was simply because that's what I wanted to do, but not how I wanted to spell it.

I guess this would have been back in college since I created business cards for my "Senior Project". These business cards basically showcased what I'd accomplished by that time.

That was the first incarnation of my business card. I really didn't have any kind of company identity. So, within the last year or so I came up with one. One that I felt was representational of my ability to do characters. and covered the other aspects of my abilities.

May I introduce to you.......

Casey the Cauldron!

So, now that my buisness has a name and identity I figured I need to get it out there and recognized so I've created this blog site. Basically to showcase my stuff. But also for trying to gain contacts and possible jobs.

This is my first official BLOG!

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