Sunday, November 24, 2013

Now and then.....

I had a project come up that I wanted to do.

This was kind of a now and then kind of thing. So thanks to my mom's high school year book and the Idaho state historical society. I was able to come up with some good images of buildings that used to be in certain areas in Caldwell, Idaho. I went over to Caldwell and had my grandma go around with me while i took pictures of how the areas looked at that time. My Grandmother gave me some interesting information on most of the places since she'd also grown up in Caldwell.

This is an image of the College of Idaho in Caldwell. The smaller picture to the upper right is of soldiers marching in front of that same building. My grandmother told me the soldiers were stationed there. It was a training facility for the military before sending the soldiers off to active duty. I think it was the training facility for the medics. This is where my Grandfather was stationed when he met my Grandma and said he'd marry her. Footlocker flow is on the left, and the background image is the one that I took using Infrared film. I LOVE the infrared film and what it does to foliage and sky.

This image is of the Caldwell Board of Education Building. It started out as a schoolhouse and I believe spent a brief period as a Library. I believe my Grandmother told me it was one of those old one or two room school houses for that area.

The image in the lower right is what the middle section of this building looked like when it was first built. The lower left is after they started building the surrounding sections which leads to what it looks like today.

The building in the lower half of this image is what this building looked like in it's hayday. It was also a school. It had been there for a long time. Obviously at some point they'd removed the angled roof which was much cooler. They tore the place down about 5 years ago. the building in the main image to the right of this building is all that's left. Washington elementary school is what it was called I think.

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