Sunday, December 1, 2013

Political humor.....


So, being an illustrator is difficult and a tough racket to get into. But, trying to break into it and being political can sometimes lead to suicide of your career.

I don't consider myself a political person. Most of the time I don't really concern myself with politics just because it's all the same. A bunch of people lying to get a vote then conveniently forget everything they said they'd do.

So, just not to long ago. After the current commander in chief got elected I decided to do a couple of images of him. The first, not sure what was going through my mind... or why I did it this way. But it's not nearly as successful as the second one.

I suppose this one came about because I'd heard rumors that he'd smoked pot and drank pretty heavily at some point.

This is one that I felt was way more successful than the other. Basically shows how I feel about the Prez. And basically what a lot of other people see him as also.

I forgot the election where Obama got in I also made fun of the one running against him. Basically, I didn't like either of them. But, I felt the need to make fun of them.

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