Monday, December 23, 2013

Tis the season....

And as usual, I can't really think of anything to get for anyone. Not only that but, as usual, I can't really afford to spend anything. It's wonderful wanting to give, but being poor.

So I wanted to do or get something for my sister. We aren't super close, but after this year I'm hoping that will change. Anywho.... not to bore anyone with details. I started this image a  month or so ago. It was going to be a surprise for her. And I decided why not make it a Christmas Present?

She got a car back in highschool. A little Volkswagen Bug. It's a custom job. A 1972 standard beetle which was supposedly hit by a tree branch or something so the roof was crushed. Instead of trashing it the guy who had it cut off the top and made it a Roadster. Then he built a racing engine for it and raced it. She fell in love with this thing. It's a fairly nice little car, no top doesn't help when it's raining. The racing engine was removed and replaced with something more reliable. She drove this quite a bit till she got married. After they got a house, it's been in storage. I can't think if it's actually seen daylight since they moved into this house.

Anyway, the car kind of a maroon metallic color euro bumper on the front centerline wheels all the way around not much in the way of trim. So, in the style I've become accustomed to I did kind of a night looking image of it sitting under a neon sign for Eddy's Motel. Ed is her husbands name, thought that was kind of neat so I included it in the image.

So the final image created in Photoshop turned out pretty good. The only problem is the wheels are 4 lug, not the older style 5 bolt. But, other than that it looks pretty much just like it.

I was going to print it and frame it for her. But, I decided  to let her do that so she gets a frame she likes. I sent it to her last night and I believe she's going to love it. She works in a graphics capacity so she should be able to print it with no problem.

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